Put your creativity and decision-making in quantum mode

From Big Ideas To Giant Leaps

Big Ideas have conquered the world. New products, services and concepts were able to reach the heads and hearts of large groups of people ever better and ever more quickly. But what used to be Big Ideas are currently not much more than ‘less bad’ designs: changes, yes, but hardly improvements. We react to that which already exists and stumble along behind the consequences of our decisions. What the world really needs are Giant Leaps: quantum leaps.

In From Big Ideas to Giant Leaps, Jenny Elissen introduces a new way of looking at reality. She describes how we can effortlessly take decisions which feel right and use our transformative creativity to really help the world advance. What’s the beautiful bonus? We’re designing for the whole world. Everyone is involved, everyone participates.

About the author

Jenny Elissen is amongst the top female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. She worked for 25 years in branding, new business development and marketing intelligence. Jenny is chairman and director of NGOs and companies which strive for Giant Leaps. She is a creative strategist, impact investor, entrepreneur and co-author of Perfect World Principle.

Manifesto of the quantum leap

Congratulations, we made it!

Humanity and the world today aren’t asking for smart steps and solutions, but for quantum leaps, Giant Leaps, which lead us individually and collectively to a 100% positive and new reality. The world no longer needs around- or out-of-the-box thinkers, but people with quantum creativity and especially courage and entrepreneurship in order to jump over existing dilemmas and limiting beliefs and to design for the whole.

We are Giant Leapers. We are the companies, people, institutions and brands which give reality a big leap forward and drive the direction and the energy. We don’t improve on the old reality, but create new paradigms which speed us all up. We break through the classic construction of our companies, based on systems. Money, food distribution, the organization of our safety, health. We demonstrate how everyone can once again occupy a place in society ‘as part of an ecology’, not just ‘as an economy’. We make it easy to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We let epidemics such as depression and burnout melt like snow in the sun by achieving wholeness and connection instead of division. We put an end to compartmentalization and fragmentation in the political and social domain by seeing everything as an investment in the whole and by connecting everyone around it.

This creates much-needed impact and a civil society in which everyone participates and everyone wins. We are the masters of the common good. Not by fighting for it, but by inviting others to join a new one. Not by convincing, but by being convincing in simplicity. Logic and magic connected.

We call it quantum creativity. We realize that humanity has held itself hostage in the 4 percent of our potential that we have materialized. We explore the power of the 96 percent, still dark matter, in and around us. We understand that once we step out of our stress and complexity, we have access to much more than the supposed realities that we hold securely in place with our preconceptions. We know that many parallel realities can coexist. That seeing all future consequences of our choices prevents us from continuing to make poor designs. And that, as soon as we create outside the limitations of time and space, we can join forces much more easily with everything which already exists. We step out of linear thinking and doing mode and let go of the accompanying control. We rely on self-organizing chaos, on the underlying principles of co-creation and on the precise alignment of our inner and collective voices.

Abundance and happiness are reserved to those who create for that which is greater than themselves. And the good news is: everyone can! By believing in the unexpected and the invisible and by shaking off all preconceptions and dilemmas we can live according to our true birth right: happiness, hope and love!

We are Giant Leapers. In the next few years, we’re going to take that quantum leap. We’ve already started. And we’re so happy that you have the courage to take that leap with us!

The Journey

In order to manifest Giant leaps we need to learn a new creative language. The language of the unexpected and the invisible and a deep understanding of transformational design.

Everyone can do it, it just needs a bit of training and playing.

After you have discovered this new land you have not only upgraded yourself but all that is connected to you. Life will be much more engaging and effortless.

So please join us for:

Giant leap, create your best competitor, you!

A 48 hr experience in how you can create the business you have always wanted or are going to have

Install your human software, become the best version of yourself

A 24 hr experience that helps you to install the parts in you that you didn’t know it existed.

Giant leap, leading a transformation

An 8 hour experience, setting your new scene as a transformational leader or entrepreneur

A speech

A 1 hr speech, introducing the principles behind a giant leap, learned from earlier giant leapers.

Quantum creativity, world changing creativity

An 8 hr experience on how your creativity can be the change

A speech and workshop

A 3 hr event, explaining and playing with reality and the opportunities for your company or institution.

Please let me know which journey you will take by filling in this contact form and I will reach out to you.



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